RD-73 (Firm) Red Microcell

Shore 00 – 73       Shore A – 27

  • Microcell
  • Flat die ejection for various substrates on any type of press
  • Ideal for blanking
  • Fast recovery for fast running speeds
  • Excellent adhesion characteristics

RD-73 is a firm microcell ejection rubber that is extremely versatile for use on multiple substrates, and multiple styles of diecutting presses.  RD-73 is a top choice for folding carton and printing shops alike.  This product is slightly softer than the traditional T-75, however it boasts a better recovery time.  The decreased firmness and faster recovery will allow diecutting presses to be run at faster speeds and with less pressure.  This means that many of the secondary issues that arise when diecutting pressure is increased can be mitigated, and in many cases eliminated by using this product.  The microcell structure of RD-73 ensures a product that is consistent throughout, and it will not allow the penetration of air and dust, greatly extending the longevity of the rubber.  This ejection rubber also allows for maximum adhesion to any die board.  As an added bonus, RD-73 is an ideal rubber for use in blanking.  RD-73 is functional up to 80% compression.  This product is available with PSA, and Maxpoint or Side Wave profiles across the entire range of sizes.

Click the height below to see the available cut sizes and quantity per box.

1/16   1/8   3/16   1/4   5/16   3/8   7/16   1/2   9/16   5/8   3/4


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