Quicknick Grinder

The Quicknick grinder is the most popular nicking device in the industry.  This precision nicking tool is compact, easy-to-handle, and comes standard in 110 and 220 volt or pneumatic-driven. Precise depth control is accomplished by means of an adjustable depth stop and safety is ensured with the attached Lexan guard which protects without obscuring the knife edge and wheel.  The Quicknick grinder comes has a newly designed head with smooth rounded edges and finger grips, a smoother action, and a simpler method of changing the wheel. Two new types of bases are also now available. Both bases have easy-to-read scales for accurate and consistent positioning of the nicks, and both come with a dense rubber matte finish on the bottom to protect the rule and to ensure non-slip, stable grinding. The bases are replaceable and interchangeable.

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