Nicking Chisel Set

The key to proper nicking is to always nick perpendicular to the cutting edge of the knife. While our Quicknick Grinder is the perfect solution, it is not always the answer for everyone. A cost-effective alternative to grinding that can fit into anyone’s budget—the Nicking Chisel Set. The Nicking Chisel Set is a simple, inexpensive tool for nicking both flat and rotary dies. The set comes complete with a knurled holder and three standard tips, .020″, .030″ & .040″. The male-threaded tips and the female-threaded holder make changing tips quick and simple.  The Nicking Chisel Set eliminates the need to use screwdrivers, cold chisels, files or other pieces of knife. The tips give a clean, precise, and when held vertically, a perpendicular nick. Also ideal for enlarging an existing nick, the Nicking Chisel Set is a must in every professional diemaker and diecutter’s tool box.

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