Low Profile Adjusto Guides

Bar-Plate Low Profile Adjusto Guides are the answer to print-to-cut registration and faster make-ready on your platen press. The guides are available in two sizes, full 2″ x 2″, and half 1″ x 2″.  The guides can be easily adhered to your cutting surface with double-coated tape, and the front surface lip allows for plenty of over-hang to keep the sheet from rising. Once the guides have been placed in the chosen positions, registration can be easily accomplished by loosening and tightening the Allen screw with the provided tool. The vernier scale located on both sides of the guides makes precise adjustment easy to accomplish, and the low height of only .180″ makes recessing the die board unnecessary. Both sizes of the Adjusto Guides, the adjusting tool, and the double-coated tape are available on an individual basis, or can be purchased as a complete set of three guides, the Allen tool, and the double-sided tape.

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