Dura-Bull (Super Firm) Cream Poly

Shore 00 – 82       Shore A – 40

  • Slot ejection for flat and rotary dies
  • Does not bulge under compression
  • Excellent option for trim breaker
  • Straight or scalloped profiles

Dura-Bull is a popular choice for the ejection of slots in both flat and rotary die applications.  The unique make-up of this product does not allow for bulging when compressed, making it ideal for slot ejection.  It is also an excellent option for trim breaker and scrap ejection on rotary dies.  Dura-Bull is functional up to 70% compression.  This product is available in straight or scalloped strips.

Click the height below to see the available cut sizes and quantity per box.

3/8   7/16   1/2   9/16   5/8   11/16


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