D Profile Rubber

(Black: 60-65 Durometer White: 60 Durometer)

D Profile Rubber, sometimes referred to as Euro Rubba, is specially shaped for holding the sheet together in the nicking areas of the die. When placed on both sides of the knife in the nicking areas, the product rolls toward the knife, holds the sheet in place, and combats the lateral stress that wants to break the nicks apart.  The functionality of D Profile has been proven over many years, it works so well, it will also allow you to reduce the width of your nicks.


  • Firmly holds board
  • Easy to locate
  • Closed cell rubber
  • Fewer nicks required
  • Up to 20% faster press speeds


  • 9.5 mm Black, White
  • 9 mm Black
  • 8 mm Black, White
  • 7 mm Black
  • 6 mm Black

Packaging Information:

  • 100 strips / box
  • Strip = 24 inches
  • 200 feet / box

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