Coatings for Cutting Rule

Coated cutting rule provides various benefits, such as; reduced dusting, extended service life, and less wear on cutting edge and bevel.

Supreme – Bohler Rule

Supreme coating was developed for the die cutting of labels to prevent glue from sticking to the rule bevel.  It was soon discovered that the coating had many benefits beyond labels. Many customers experience reduced dusting when using Supreme coated cutting rules in folding carton applications due to lower edge/bevel friction, while simultaneously the rule lifetime is extended.  The cutting bevel of the Supreme rule is coated with a thin anti-friction-film, which fills the microscopically small pores and marks on the cutting edge, ultimately adding smoothness to the bevel surface. Supreme coated rules are only offered in Universal and Universal 60.

  • Reduces friction between cutting edge and cut material
  • Dust-reduced cutting
  • Reduction of press force

Tinit (TiN) – Bohler & Viking Rule

TiN coated cutting rule is coated with a thin TiN layer of approx. 0.002 mm on the cutting bevel only. The TiN coating hardness with 2,400 HV stands out in comparison with standard Universal edge hardness of 640 HV (4 times harder). Bendability, body structure, cutting profile, and dimensions remain unchanged to match the standard Universal rules.

  • Significantly increased knife life
  • Productivity gains due to fewer die changes
  • Same bendability as uncoated cutting rules
  • Reduced dusting due to smoother bevel surface
  • Increased wear resistance when cutting abrasive materials

Molykote – Viking Rule

Based on a special coating process, a thin Molykote film adheres to the cutting bevel filling the small pores providing a smooth edge surface.

  • Best suited for cutting self-adhesive materials
  • Cuts with low formation of dust
  • Minimization of friction between the bevel and the material being cut

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