Bohler Label-X / Plast-X

The packaging industry is in a permanent search for innovative designs and materials. The trend for UV-laminated and/or metallized boards, as well as, plastic packs require new solutions in die cutting. To cope with these demands Bohler has developed a series of cutting rules, Label-X and Plast-X. These cutting rules are processed on a unique prototype grinding machine applying razor blade technology, granting a super sharp cutting edge with a superfine ground bevel (RA = 0.08 μm). These properties are important for efficient high-quality die cutting of plastic materials, foils, and various parts in the electronics industry.

Bohler Label – X                 

Body: 35HRC / 40 HRC / 45HRC
Edge: 55 HRC / 58 HRC
Thicknesses: 1.3
Heights (Based on Thickness): 8mm, 9.5mm, 12mm


Label-X, the new generation label cutting rule, is perfect for the die cutting of labels due to its excellent cutting performance, superfine cutting bevel, and super sharp cutting edge. Three versions offer the perfect cutting solution for any material in the label industry. LXS has the focus on extreme bendability with a reduced body hardness. LXH takes aim at maximum service life and stability due to its increased body and edge hardness. LX represents the ideal compromise between LXS and LXH.

  • Hardness options – LXS (soft), LX (std), LXH (hard)
  • Ultrafine cutting bevel
  • Ultra-sharp cutting edge
  • Perfect cut quality
  • Reduced friction in die cutting
  • Premium knife service life
  • Tight height tolerances
  • Ideal for paper labels, metallized labels, foils, films/foils in electronics industry
  • Similar rules include; Viking Supra Z

Bohler Plast – X 

Body: 35HRC / 40 HRC / 45HRC
Edge: 57 HRC / 59 HRC
Thicknesses: 1.3 / 1.5 / 2 / 3
Heights (Based on Thickness): .929 and .937


Plast-X is a Bohler innovation to cut PET, PE, PVC, PP, blister packs and thermoplastic materials. By applying technology from razor blade manufacturing, this rule drastically improves die cutting performance. Plast-X is available in three versions. PXS has the focus on best bendability. PXH offers the best knife service life due to increased body and edge hardness. PX is the ideal compromise between PXS and PXH.

  • High edge hardness
  • Ultra-fine bevel surface finish
  • Extremely sharp cutting edge
  • Reduced friction
  • Reduced cutting force
  • Clean cut faces
  • Ideal for PET, PE, PP, PVC, foils, blister, laminated substrates, coated or varnished cardboards.
  • Similar rules include; Viking Supra Z

Viking Supra Z

Body: 34 / 40 / 47HRC
Edge: 57 / 60 / 60HRC
Thicknesses: 2 / 3
Heights (Based on Thickness): .918 – 1.969


Supra Z is the latest development by Viking Rule, setting new standards in precision, sharpness, and bevel surface quality.  Ideally this rule should be used for plastics, blister packs, laminated or coated carton boards, and labels.  Supra Z is ideal for the die-cutting of labels where sharpness, the highest precision, and the tightest tolerances are required. When cutting plastic packaging extraordinarily sharp rules are required to reduce pressure and allow smooth cutting, Supra Z exceeds these requirements and may be the best choice for your perfect cutting result.

  • Edge hardened
  • Available with 30°, 42°, and 54° ground edge bevels
  • Extremely sharp
  • Ideal for labels, plastics, and coated materials
  • Similar rules include; Bohler Label-X and Bohler Plast-X

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