Bevel Profiles & Execution

Bevel Profiles

CF / CB / A

Center Face, Center Bevel
Center bevel has become the standard for cutting most materials. Standard edge angle: 53°

SF / SB / B

Side Face, Single Bevel, Side Bevel
Side bevel is best suited for cutting thick materials where a straight/vertical cut is required.


Center Face Double Bevel, Long Center Bevel
Long center bevel helps to reduce the cutting force when cutting hard/thick materials such as glass fiber reinforced laminates, leather, cork, rubber, jigsaw puzzles, corrugated board, plastics, plywood.


Side Face Double Bevel, Long Side Bevel
Long side bevel offers the same benefits as CFDB bevel when cutting thicker materials. The substrate is left with a square 90° cut edge, and all the distortion from penetration is left on the scrap side.

Bevel Execution

Shaved Edge (S)

Shaved Edge is the standard bevel finish of Bohler cutting rule.  It is a precision drawn quality surface bevel. These rules benefit from excellent bendability and height consistency.

Ground Edge (G) / Extra Sharp (ES)

Ground edge is the best option for “kiss cutting”, plastics, rubber, laminates, and coated materials. The sharper edge results in cleaner cuts, less knife wear, and easy material penetration, while at the same time reducing the cutting pressure.

Polished Edge (P) / Reflexion (R)

Polished edge rule combines the benefits of shaved edge and ground edge in one rule.  Polished edge rule is available in CB, SB, LCB, and LSB.

  • Reduced dusting
  • Less friction when cutting substrates, thus reducing cutting pressure.
  • Improved bending properties compared with ground edge.
  • Rounded transition zone between bevel and body prevents material cracking.
  • Suited well for both paper and synthetic materials.

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