B-65 (Medium) Black Open Cell

Shore 00 – 65       Shore A – 20

  • Closed Cell
  • Open Cell
  • Flat die ejection for various substrates on cylinder and windmill style presses
  • Economical

B-65 is the most prevalent rubber used in print shops that do small diecutting jobs, and is the Shreiner number one pick for customers doing this type of work.  If you have ever run a cylinder or windmill press, chances are B-65 was the rubber on the die.  B-65 is very economic and has versatility across many different types of substrates, from card stock to corrugated.  This is the perfect ejection rubber for presses with little or no pressure adjustments.  B-65 is effective up to 60% compression.  This product is available with PSA, and Maxpoint or Side Wave profiles across the entire range of sizes.

Click the height below to see the available cut sizes and quantity per box.

1/8   1/4   5/16   3/8   7/16   1/2   9/16   5/8   3/4


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