6320 (Soft) Light Tan Open Cell

Shore 00 – 62       Shore A – 15

  • Premium Open Cell
  • Flat die ejection for thicker stocks where crushing is an issue

6320 is one of the four premium ejection rubbers offered in the Diansuply range of products (6110, 6118, 6220, 6320).  Even though premium ejection is an open cell rubber, a higher rubber content is added to cut down on the large air pockets usually associated with open cell.  The smaller air pockets allow for a more balanced ejection, and less air and dust being drawn into the body when under impression, which in turn adds longevity to the rubber.  6320 is primarily used for thicker or delicate substrates where denting or crushing could be an issue.  This product is available with PSA, and Maxpoint or Side Wave profiles across the entire range of sizes.

Click the height below to see the available cut sizes and quantity per box.

1/4   3/8   1/2


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