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Nicking Chisel Set

FOR FLAT AND ROTARY DIES The key to proper nicking is to always nick perpendicular to the cutting edge of the knife. While our Quicknick Grinder is the perfect solution, it is not always the answer for everyone. So, years ago we developed a cost-effective alternative to grinding that can fit into anyone’s budget - the Nicking Chisel Set. The Nicking Chisel Set is a simple, inexpensive tool for nicking dies. The set comes complete with a knurled holder and three standard tips, .020", .030" & .040". The male-threaded tips and the female-threaded holder make changing tips quick and simple.

Bar-Plate’s Nicking Chisel Set eliminates the need to use screwdrivers, cold chisels, files or other pieces of knife. The tips give a clean, precise and when held vertically a perpendicular nick. Also ideal for enlarging an existing nick, the Nicking Chisel Set is a must in every professional diemaker and diecutter’s tool box. Special tips are also available:
.010”, .015”, .025” for use on medium hard rule and .040”, .050”, .060”, .070” & .080” for use on all rule.

Quicknick Grinder

Bar-Plate’s Quicknick Grinder is an updated version of the most popular nicking device in the industry. In 1967 we came out with our first model and we have incorporated many of the suggestions that you have made over the years. This precision nicking tool is compact, easy-to-handle, and comes standard in 110 and 220 volt or pneumatic-driven. Precise depth control is accomplished by means of an adjustable depth stop and safety is ensured with the attached Lexan guard which protects without obscuring the knife edge and wheel.

The Bar-Plate Quicknick Grinder comes with a newly designed head with smooth rounded edges and finger grips, a smoother action and a simpler method of changing the wheel. Two new types of bases are also now available. Both bases have easy-toread scales for accurate and consistent positioning of the nicks, and both come with a dense rubber matte finish on the bottom to protect the rule and to ensure non-slip, stable grinding. The bases are replaceable and interchangeable.

The 110 volt, 1/10th HP motor is standard, and now an optional 110 volt 1/8th HP variable speed motor is available. A three-foot flex shaft is standard on all electric nickers. Six-foot shafts are also available. The Pneumatic Quicknick Grinder comes with a regulator and five-foot distribution hose. Other hose lengths are available. This unit requires 90 psi to operate at optimum efficiency. The powerful Quicknick Grinder is safe and user-friendly. It provides vibration-free, clean grinding of perpendicular nicks and is easy to use. These features, combined with its outstanding flexibility, ensure exceptional results.

Each grinder is supplied with 14 grinding wheels for controlled nick widths. NEW available wheel sizes—.006", .008", .012", .016", .020", .025", .031", 1mm, .047", .063", .078", .094", .109" & .125".

Corrugated Box Score Cutting Knife

Designed specifically for use in the corrugated industry and on other thick materials, the Corrugated Box Score Cutting Knife has the ability to cut extra wide channels such as those often necessary in the brown box industry. Thirteen shims allow you to obtain channel widths from .010" to 3/8" .

The Corrugated Box Score Cutting Knife comes complete with 13 shims and two blades. Shim sizes: .001", .002", .003", .004", .005", .010", .015", .020", .025", 1/32", 1/16", 3/32" & 1/8". A .025" blade is standard, but .020" and .030" blades are also available.

Adjustable Sample Maker’s Score Cutting Tool

Bar-Plate’s easy-to-use Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool uses the same principle as our Score Cutting Knife—thirteen shims to give you the widest possible range for sample scoring. Simply determine the width of score you need by adding twice the thickness of the material you’re scoring to the rule thickness and then adding an additional four thousandths. Once the width is determined, place the appropriate number of shims between the two fibre blades. When used with Bar-Plate’s Sample Maker’s Creasing Rule Holder, the Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool’s high degree of flexibility makes it the ultimate hand sample making tool.

Adjustable Sample Maker’s Creasing Rule Holder

Simply determine what point rule you need, insert it in the Creasing Rule Holder, lock it in place and you’re ready to make a sample score. When the Creasing Rule Holder is used with Bar-Plate’s Adjustable Sample Maker’s Tool, sample making just doesn’t get any easier. Made of rugged steel construction, the Creasing Rule Holder will last forever. 12", 18", 24", 36" & 48" lengths are readily available. Custom sizes are also available.

Low Profile Adjusto Guides

Bar-Plate’s Low Profile Adjusto Guide is the answer to print-to-cut registration and faster makereadys on your platen press. The full, 2" x 2" size Guide and the half, 1" x 2" size Guide can be easily adhered to your cutting surface with Bar-Plate’s Double-Coated Tape, and the Low Profile Guides provide plenty of frontal surface and a lip to keep the stock from rising. Once the Guide has been adhered in the chosen position, registration can easily be accomplished by loosening and tightening the allen screw with the provided tool. The vernier scale on both sides of the Guide makes precise adjustment easy to accomplish, and the low height of only .180" makes recessing the dieboard unnecessary. Take one impression, measure how far out of register you are, adjust the Guides, take your second impression and you’re ready to run. What could be easier? You’ll save time and materials. Both sizes of Guides, the adjusting tool and the double-coated tape are available on an individual basis, or can be purchased as a complete set of three Guides and a 1"x 72 yard roll of Double-Coated Tape.

Broaching is simply the machining of a channel in the side of the cutting knife for the purpose of:

1. Eliminating swaging (increasing knife height)
at the bend point of the knife.
2. Eliminating Cracking of the face or edge of the knife.
3. Eliminating Knife edge distortion.
4. Allowing a minimum radius to be achieved.
5. Allowing the use of harder knife even on sharp bends and complex shapes.
6. Effectively bend side bevel knife.
7. Produce a “Kiss-Cut” precision die.
8. Allows for the manufacturing of a superior die in less time.
9. Save time and material.
10. Reduces Makeready time on press.
11. Allows for consistent diecut part quality.
12. Aids in achieving greater press productivity.

Up to the present time most machining of a channel was done with expensive grinding equipment that quite often changed the temper of the knife unless a coolant was used. The use of a coolant often times led to corrosion. Bar-Plate’s new Broaching equipment have no effect on temper. Our new Cost Effective Hand Broacher and Semi Automatic Broacher puts this important diemaking tool within Easy reach of all die shops.

Hand Broacher—Model I

Our Hand Broacher is a cost effective and easy to use machine that will easily meet the needs of the professional diemaker. With fast, simple and precise set up this tool is a must for all serious diemakers. Our exclusive spring loaded double pin clamping feature securely holds the knife in place while broaching. For use on 2 and 3pt knife. Change over takes less than two minutes and is achieved by loosening two hex head bolts, removing one and sliding the 2pt or 3pt selector and then reinserting and tightening the bolts. The Side Gauge can be set from 0 to 16.5 inches and is easily used. Operation is simple, just push the double pin handle, insert the rule, oil the broach and pull the main broaching handle down and then up and you’re finished.

Hand Broacher—Model II

The BEST just got BETTER. Our NEW Model II Broacher is designed to do everything the Model I can and more. You now have the ability to broach to a depth of .016" on both 2pt and 3pt rule. This means you can easily make those butt joints with no need for mitering. You end up with a stronger & tighter joint. You will no longer have to change miter knives to adapt for changing knife angles. It’s so easy we have made it mistake proof. After the first broach, simply pull the release lever slightly forward, push in the release and slide the adjustment bar to the 2nd cut position. Pull the broaching handle down and you’re done. Here’s the best part, when you release the knife the adjustment bar returns automatically to the 1st position. The same procedure works on both 2pt & 3pt rule. To change from 2pt to 3pt simply push in the release and slide the adjustment bar to the required position.