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Shreiner Creasing Matrix stocks a large variety of .937 and .918 AmeriKen punches. For punches we don’t have in stock, AmeriKen has over 3million punches ready to ship and can be ordered through Shreiner Creasing Matrix.

Tube Punches

Feed Thru Punches

These feed thru punches are made from seamless tubing and widely used by felt, leather, and gasket manufacturers. The inside diameter is recieed from the back to give wide inside clearance, allowing pills to clear smoothly through the base of the punch. This eliminates stripping and permits heavier material to be cut.

Also Available in feed thru:
Oval Feed-Thru
Oversize Feed-Thru
Miniature High Carbon Tool Steel
Heavy Duty Feed-Thru
Oversize Heavy Duty Feed-Thru
Miniature Heavy Duty Feed-Thru

“Kuts-All Feed-Thru Punch”

The “Kuts-All” was developed to cut specialty items in the abrasives industry or to cut any material, such as adhesives, which is hard-to-feed. Special angles have been engineered on the exterior and interior bevels whic

Side Outlet Rotary Punches

Serrated Rotary Punches