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  • Phone: 1-800-722-9915
  • One Taylor Drive • Killbuck, Ohio 44637
Plastic Centerline Guide -
Male (Black)

Plastic Centerline Guide -
Female (Red)

Nut and Bolt - 50 mm
(Carrot Orange)

Nut and Bolt - 50 mm

Nut and Bolt - 43 mm

Nylon Stripper Pin - 10 mm

Stripper Spacer Pin - 7/8"

Blanker Spacer Pin - 1 3/8"

Counter Pin Ring

Counterplace Locator Bushing

Counter Plate Pin
(White, Red, and Aluminum)

Self-adhesive Spot-up Tape
Thickness: yellow (.003"), red (.002"), blue (.001")
1/8" or 1/4"
widths available

Power Stick®
Gallon or Liter

Lick N’ Stick
make ready tape

Steel Shim Tape
Three sizes
(.001”, .002”, .005”)

Female Quick Lock Guide

Block Centering Guide

Rite-Lok® SI 1500
50 gram bottle

Matrix Mitering Pliers


Grinding Wheels


Jigsaw Blades