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How is Shreiner profile ejection rubber different than traditional open cell rubber?

Shreiner Rubba comes in precision strips to be placed along the knives to allow faster running, cleaner cutting, less dust and flaking and fewer, smaller nicks.
Shreiner D Nick Rubba, C-profile White Lightning and Power Trap® clamp the paper using their shape and strength to hold the nicks together and keep the paper from tearing after the knife has made its initial penetration into the material.
Also, Shreiner Rubba has no holes which tend to dry out during the run, and while the die is stored between runs. So Shreiner Rubba maintains its "bounce" almost indefinitely, reducing the need to re-rubber dies. Also knife life is extended, since tonnage is not increased to compensate for hardening rubber during the run.

All Shreiner rubber comes with fool proof spacing features to help eliminate deflection.  Whether it is a trapezoid shape, hourglass shape, or built in spacing shelf you will find it easy to place your rubber with consistent 1/16” spacing away from your knife.