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How do I stop “checking” / “flaking”?

Checking and flaking is usually caused by lateral draw across the sheet.  Shreiner has developed two types of profile rubber to combat this.  First is our D profile rubber.  D profile couples more surface area with a rolling clamp motion to help seat the sheet.  By gripping and seating the sheet  D profile will help eliminate the tearing of the sheet edge when lateral draw occurs.  D profile comes in two different densities to accommodate those cutting paperboard and those cutting corrugated.

For more extreme circumstances where the lateral draw is too much D profile to handle, Shreiner can offer C profile.  C profile has enlarged surface area for maximum gripping of the sheet.  C profile also combines the maximum gripping action with a slighter rolling motion, insuring that lateral draw will not affect the sheet edge.  As with D profile, C profile comes in two different densities for paperboard and corrugated cutting.